Does it matter how much effort you put in to keep your job?

Math. You invest money going to work everyday, every week, every month, every year. Are you getting a fair return on your investment? You never thought about it? You pay a car note each month, insurance to stay legal, and gas for the car to run. Or, you pay for a monthly bus pass or you use taxi’s. You pay to keep your clothes cleaned. You pay to keep your hair neat. You buy food, either out of pocket or you buy groceries to make you something to bring to work for breakfast or lunch. You do this yearly. Let’s say typical car note is $300 a month. Insurance is $100 a month. Gas is $100 a month. Let’s say you spend $100 for lunch daily. Let’s say your clothes and hair over a months time is $100. That’s $700 a month, to keep your job. Because if you are not paying for transportation, you’re not getting to work. If you’re not paying for food, you’re not eating, thus your production drops. If you’re not maintaining personal grooming, people begin questioning your motivation. So these are things that must be done. Now, for that $8,400 a year that you invest in keeping your job, are you getting a fair return on that investment? At the end of a calendar year, minus expenses, does your job income cover that $8,400? Your tax return? Do you break even? Do you have a surplus? Do you owe? That is a question everyone that is working should ask themselves. The next question should be, “is there something that I can invest in that gives me a fair return on my investment?” Well, investing in choice stocks could give you a fair return. You would have to do sincere research, and you’d have to buy a number of shares. You may have to wait more than a year to get that return however, depending on the type of stocks and also depending on the stock market.

You could look to directly invest in someone elses company, become a silent partner. But that might not give you a “fair” return for a number of years, as it typically takes 2-4 years for a business to break even from start-up costs. You could choose to invest in your “own” business. Depending on type of business, you might be able to get a fair return on your investment within a year. Or, it might be longer. In this case you’re benefiting more as “you” are getting all of the money and its based on your efforts. If you could invest $500-$1000 one time (not monthly) and get a fair return on your investment in a year, would it be worth your time to find out how??

I’m conducting my webinar entitled “How Much Are You Worth?” on a daily basis. If you would like to view or listen to this webinar, please call 706-393-8426 to schedule a day and time you are available. If you are completely happy with the work you do and the money you make, this webinar is not for you. But if you feel that you need a change or some options to do more or earn more money based on your personal experience, abilities, and your “time”, this webinar may give you things to consider. I look forward to speaking to those looking for more.

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