NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Want to see the biggest example of residual income? Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry continues to get paid for something he started, not for something he finished. First episode was in 1989 and he worked (along with others around him) until 1998. He worked to create 180 episodes. He offered a product that obviously people wanted. So what happened when his show became syndicated? Since 1998, “Seinfeld” has made $3 billion dollars in reruns. Did you hear me? That’s $20 million an episode. His current net worth is $820 million dollars. He is the richest actor on the planet (remember he hasn’t done any movies and only done TV once since Seinfeld). Oh by the way he still does standup, $1 million an appearance when he does…..So, question, was it worth it for him to work for 9 years to never work again, for his children to never work, for his grand children to never have to work? Of course it was. Would it be worth it for you, to work at something for 3, 5, 7, 10 years in order to never work for money again? That’s the power of residual income. And believe it or not, people will pay it because of what you give them. Remember, Seinfeld is getting paid a percentage. Network television is making their money, because they provided the vehicle for him to be able to be seen in the first place. Find your vehicle and make things happen. If you haven’t found your vehicle yet and would like an option, call me at 7063938426.

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