Neet Freak Clothing, are you fly?


Entering a new year, people are always looking for who or what will trending. As 2014 approaches here is a brief story of someone you should watch out for. New York has birthed some of the most talented people in several different industries. Here’s another one?? (Biggie)

My story is not much different from yours.  I’m what you call an 80’s baby. This means I got my style from the 90’s.  Back in my elementary school days, it was all about having fun and playing outside, not caring about getting your sneakers dirty. Me? I always wanted to wear the best pair no matter what or where I was. Bottom line I just wanted to be fly. Thanks to the help of my mom (which was my fly motivation); I was always on top of my game in high school. This just inspired me more. I decided to switch things up. Enough about me, time to share some of this “fly”. With a lot of thought put into it was the birth of “NEET FREAK”.

Neet Freak Clothing was established in 2012. From the idle thoughts of an eager teenager to the diligent work of an ambitious young man, Neet Freak was always a work in progress. That explains the target market (14-30) without a doubt. The name in itself grabs your attention as does every piece. Neet Freak Clothing is different because it represents my heritage. My goal is to reinvent the perception of the standard tee, hoodie, and snap back.

Neet Freak Clothing is a different type of fly. It comes straight from the desire to “be”. Being accepted to be different, but not caring to be accepted at all. Neet Freak Clothing will make you look good, which makes you feel good, which gives you the confidence to say “I’M FLY”.

Bio written by the OB, Owner of Neet Freak,

Edited by IMTM.


Do you like what you see so far? This is only the beginning. If you’re in NYC or Philadelphia area, be sure to patronize the below stores. Everybody else be sure to visit the website below and pick out a last minute gift! Also be sure to check out their advertisement in January 1st. Neet Freak Clothing has arrived!

Stores that currently carry the Neet Freak Clothing line are:

Last minute (711 Fulton St. Brooklyn NY 11217) 


Black Rose (517 Franklin Ave. Brooklyn NY 11238)


Black Zebra (421 Fairmount Ave. Philadelphia PA 19121)



Contact number: 718-213-1475

Email :


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