Monday proved one thing, it will be tough to win in the Dome

Despite the fact they did lose, the Atlanta Falcons showed that they are legitimate contenders for the Super Bowl. They held one of the best offenses in the league to 17 points. The only reason they lost, is the first fumble of the year by Michael Turner. Sunday they play the Panthers, and winning still wins the division and gives them homefield through the playoffs. One concern, the running game was stopped by a team that was killed the week before by Baltimore (a team the Falcons beat).

Two games to get to the Super Bowl, at home, though never guaranteed, would make it easier for the Falcons to do something they have only done once, win the NFC Championship. Although with the core group of players they will contend for years, it would be good to get one now rather than later.

Points- 17 carries isn’t going to cut it. Despite the defense, 25 carries would’ve given Turner more chances to break one. He did it mildly a few times. The passing game wasn’t working as much as usual, they should’ve pushed more.

Special teams- no kickoff or punt return yardage. no field goals.

Defense- played better than they ever have against probably the most dangerous passing attack they have faced other than Green Bay, (and you saw what they did last week). It’s not their fault they lost, 21 points wins the game last night.

Offense- Ryan had pressure most of the night. Offense line didn’t play like they usually do, they didn’t make holes for Turner, and they didn’t give Ryan time in the pocket. They lost the time of possesion battle.

They get to clean everything up for Carolina, then have a week off to see who they will play in the division series. Of all the possible playoff teams, I’m not worried about anybody in particular. More so worried about the Falcons living up to expectations. Regular season, they have a chance to make up for a loss. Playoffs, it’s one and your done.

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