Mariana Baglai is an inspiration to all those reaching for their dreams!

One of the most difficult experiences in life is moving from one country to another country. Language is different. Culture is different. Lifestyle is different. There are several reasons why an individual decides to make a decision that will change their lives forever. Opportunity, money, family, war and other factors. Are their guarantees that life will be better? No. But you never know unless you try. Here is the story of Mariana Baglai.
She was born in the country of Ukraine, in a city called Lviv. At the time, the country had not reached independence as a nation, one of several that were still under the umbrella of the Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union was dissolved in the early 90’s, Ukraine officially became independent. As you can imagine these were big changes. But for a young Mariana, she had great parents and a very close family and this made transition easier. The one thing she does remember about her younger years, she hated school.
In eastern Europe, models as a rule are very tall and very thin. Whether it’s runway or magazines, you never will see a model that is shorter than 5’9, has a frame with curves, etc. As a young woman, Mariana wanted to try modeling, but soon found out that women that looked like her were not selected for many if any opportunities. This was very discouraging, and she decided to not pursue modeling at all.
Some years later, something happened. Her husband had an opportunity to work in America, Miami to be exact. It was time for a change, so they packed up and moved. Of course, Miami is drastically different than Lviv. Climate, beaches, food, the people, the language. Yes, Mariana did not know much English at first, fluent in both Ukranian and Russian. But she continues to learn more everyday.
One of the things she noticed immediately were the different shades and shapes of women in the city. Mariana is not the tallest, she is not slender. And as she began to realize that Miami was a city that centered around the entertainment industry, those modeling feelings began to poke at her. Eventually, she decided to give it a try and see what would happen.
Mariana has only been modeling for five months. In that span she has had several photoshoots that have led to her appearing in 6 different magazines! Later this fall she will appear on her first magazine cover. She feels that she could be an international spokesmodel, working with cosmetic lines, fashion lines and other companies. Adriana Lima is a model that she looks at with great respect because of her look and work ethic, and Mariana also studies other models to get ideas from.
The biggest accomplishment so far for Mariana is the decision to pursue her modeling. Because the success she has had so far would not have happened otherwise. Over the next five years she plans on being a popular model in the industry, and being used in television commercials and possibly feature films.
Most of Mariana’s time is spent concentrating on her modeling career. What does she do on her down time? As you can see from her photos, she is in excellent shape. Working out is very important to her. But also eating the right foods. This is why she loves cooking for herself, she rarely ever goes out to eat. She has a Pomeranian, which as you might guess, is quite spoiled. Of course Mariana spends time with her husband, family and friends on a regular basis. Reading is a hobby of hers, psychological books especially. A lover of nature, she visits the zoo, or watches programming about animals from around the world.
The sky is the limit for Mariana. Motivation is not an issue. She is focused on her dreams and goals, and her work so far proves how dedicated she is. Being featured in six different magazines doesn’t just happen! 2016 is not yet over, so plan on seeing Mariana in several projects over the next few months. Mariana is a beauty that is just getting started! To book Mariana, email
Height 5’7
Weight 130
Bust 36
Waist 25
Hips 40
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Mariana has been featured or about to appear in the following magazines:

SFLStyle South Florida Magazine, Dream Vixen Magazine, Exquisite Angels Magazine (Just Released, you can get your issue here!, FemmeExposure Magazine, Enchanted Angelz Magazine, Bikini Ink USA Magazine (cover model)


Mariana has 3 magazine covers!!!! Thanks to Riche, Enchanted Angelz, IOB Magazine and Bikini USA Magazine for choosing Mariana to grace their covers!!!!! And also to Enrique Romero for his excellent photography!!!!!

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Watch Mariana on camera in a few clips from the video “Man Sh#%”

Listen to Mariana on IMTM Worldwide Radio, her first radio interview ever!

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