As I mentioned on Facebook, game 7 shows how much of a team game it really is. As much as it looked like Boston’s game plan of quadruple teaming Kobe and playing more physical than any team in the finals has ever played (even the Bad Boys of Detroit didn’t have nothing on this team), something occurred that I don’t think many expected.. The team came through. Bits and pieces, but Fisher hit some shots, Artest played “The Truth” to death and made shots. Lamar was running around. Bynum played big. And what can we say about Gasol, who for most of the game got most of the punishment, but when it counted, he made shots, grabbed boards, through is body around. All so that at the end, Kobe got some shots, drove to the basket, and hit his free throws. That half time score was scary stupid, and Boston probably should’ve won. Doc did what he could in his huddles, but once the Lakers got the lead back, there was no way they were going to win. It was a great game, and glad I was able to watch it.

Now the questions. Phil looked tired in his interview. Tho a team win, there are holes on this team that have to be addressed next year if they want to seriously talk 3 peat. Farmar or Brown? A true backup for Bynum? Will Bynum even be there? Will Fisher hang them up? Don’t look like Artest is going anywhere and Lamar is there for a few. Not sure about Gasol’s contract, but why we he leave. If they can fill the bench out properly, they can win the west again. Then it depends what happens in the East with Lebron, Wade, Bosh, Johnson and others end up.

Which brings me to my Hawks. I still thing Woodsen got a raw deal for what happend in the Orlando series. Much more Joe’s fault, but at end of day, Woodsen is paid to make adjustments and he just kept letting Orlando shoot wide freaken open 3’s. So what to do? One, If we don’t get a center, I won’t watch one game next year. Al needs to be at the 4 and move J Smoove to 3. If we still have Joe, that changes our lineup drastically and causes all kinds of matchup problems for teams. Point? Bibby is gone or reduced salary and needs to come off bench. Do we let Teague take it, who showed flashes when he did get playing time. Crawford stays and if he and Bibby are coming off the bench, gives us scoring power. If we keep Zaza, gives us at least one solid big coming off bench still, but we need another power forward. Center is the key and I just don’t know how we can pull it off. The Hawks are a definite threat and if we had played Boston instead of Orlando, we would’ve made the eastern finals and who knows?? The draft will tell a lot of what will happen, so tune in next week for that!!

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