Dreams to reality, Dani Monique

I have known Dani for some years now. There are many things I know about her. I’m aware of what she has gone through to pursue her goals related to securing regular work in film and television. She has had obstacles thrown at her, which sometimes stopped her. But she has also had great accomplishments. Recently after attending a casting for a film in Atlanta two weeks ago, she was notified that she was selected for the lead role. I’m sure there will be many more wonderful things in store for Dani, because she believes there will be and speaks on this daily. Plus, she is talented, practices regularly, and networks to death. Be sure to view her reel on the “Actresses” page. There are no real excuses, you either want to do something or you want something done for you. You can’t have it both ways!! I’m very happy for Dani, and glad I get to work with her.

Dani Monique will appear in “Meet The Browns” later this year as well as the short film “The Deal” and now the movie “Larry’s Girls”. If you wish to book Dani Monique for your upcoming film or television project, click on the “Booking” button.

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