Jennifer Jones plans to finish what she has started

What do you do when you reside in a small place, there is not much around you that you want to be involved in, and you feel that you can do more? Lets find out.

Jennifer Jones was born in the city of Miami, Florida. The majority of her early childhood was spent in Fort Myers, a place known as home of Thomas Edison, and thousands of retirees. She was raised in a single parent household where her mother worked very hard to provide for her brother and sister. Her mother taught her how to be self-sufficient, a trait that has helped mold Jennifer into the woman she is today.

First thoughts of modeling came to Jennifer at age eleven when her mother took her to a talent search event. She was selected as a model for several opportunities, but family finances wouldn’t allow for a full pursuit at the time. But with having a little taste of modelling, Jennifer knew this was something she could do and wanted to do in the future. As with many, Tyra Banks is a person that Jennifer sees as an inspiration as both a model and business owner. To date, the biggest accomplishment achieved by Jennifer is securing a position as personal assistant to the co-founder of a Fortune 500 company. The next five years will be busy for this six foot tall, Italian, Lebanese, Cuban/African American woman. She looks to grace the covers of magazines such as VOGUE, and land major campaigns such as Cover Girl.

Later she has plans to form a large and successful consulting firm. Jennifer doesn’t have much time to herself, but when she does break away, she enjoys working out, cooking and spending time with friends and family. She loves taking advantage of her Italian heritage by making lasagna, and although you could never tell, Jennifer loves eating sausage gravy and biscuits.
Jennifer recently had two successful photoshoots. Her immediate concentrations are paid opportunities related to fashion, runway, and beauty campaigns. Anybody that books Jennifer will enjoy her positive attitude, her ability to learn quickly and her natural beauty. Jennifer is ready to travel and make her name known. If you have projects that you’d like to include Jennifer, email with specifics.

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