Excerpt from “Escape to Jupiter”


Eyes slowly opened, only to close them again. The brightness of light was unexpected. Opened them again, tried to focus. What happened? He tried to remember. Her eyes, green. Five foot seven, slim frame with a nice shape, glossy black hair. A voice that seemed to come from a queen of Egypt. This woman was perfect. How else could he explain the ridiculous position he was now in. Fully aware now, he sees that he is hanging upside down. Hands and feet are bound, and the floor below, wait there is no floor, just a pool of water, boiling water. The walls were smooth, as he turned his body, he could tell he was inside some sort of tube. Then he noticed a platform extending from an opening in the wall. And there she was. Same dress, exposing her breasts but not overtly, showing her toned legs, and outline of her hips. If this was how he was going out, couldn’t be too mad at the cause. Then again, he knew he’d been betrayed, and was determined to find out who and why……excerpt from “

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