It’s called confidence, and Annabelle has it.

One thing I’ve learned over the years, you either believe in yourself or you don’t. You don’t make a decision to do something, then become wishy washy about it, changing your mind every time something gets difficult. At the beginning, you learn whether or not you can do something or not. Motivation to finish what you start is the key. Nobody can do it for you. Annabelle is another proving this truism. She made a decision to model, she has goals she wants to reach, and put things in motion to achieve the goal, no matter what may stand in her way.

I decided to place Annabelle in my magazine, Simply Innovative. After several attempts at getting her shot (college, family emergencies, travels, photographer schedules, rain), we finally were able to secure a shoot with Innovative Arts by Tracy Ann. After deciding date and time, we met at Nikki Beach in Miami.

Annabelle has a fashion background, a perfect frame to display garments, a runway walk most take years to master and beauty that sets her apart from others. I’m glad Tracy Ann was shooting, as she understood the ideas I was going for.

As this was my first shoot with Annabelle, wanted to make sure people can see what I see. But also to find out a little more about her.

One of the advantages of being in Florida, sunsets.

A true size two and the physique to prove it, Annabelle is available for both fashion and swimwear. Although water shots weren’t planned, she was eager to get as many shots as possible. Even in the dark, I feel we did a wonderful job and she enjoyed the shoot very much. Tracy made things very easy and confirmed why I wanted to shoot with her.

Right now Annabelle is making herself available to fashion designers (Measurements: Height 5’8- Chest 34B/ Waist 28/ Hips 38), companies with products that need promotion, fashion publications and other professionals that would like to utilize a new face in the industry. Trilingual, she is perfect for commercials and advertising in several countries as well. You won’t be disappointed. To book, email today.

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