I had a crush on a girl for five years. High school, then the year after graduation. Never told her, everybody else on earth knew. I’d visit sometimes to talk or watch tv. One week all of my friends started acting funny. Then asked if i had talked to “her” lately. Apparently something happen that all knew but me. So i go and visit and ask whats up. After going around it, she finally tells me she is pregnant. Understand, this was during a time where women still had a bit of respect for themselves, and she was the last one you’d ever think would get pregnant without being married. I sat there for a bit. Asked how she was doing so far, etc. then she asked me, “chris, do you think i’m a whore?”. That’s when i knew id never have a chance to be with her. This song is only thing that reminds me of her now. Still hoping it wasn’t my only chance to be happy.

Bruce Hornsby – Mandolin Rain by jpdc11

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