At the point I made the decision to leave Atlanta and move to Miami I knew that I would have to create some kind of an event. I didn’t know at the time how big or small it would be. I didn’t know who I was going to invite. But I knew that something to announce the fact I was in Miami and draw attention to my talent had to be initiated.

This was going to be a huge undertaking. So thankfully I had people ready to back me up. Bella Faire came on as my event coordinator. Many of the talent that I work with joined in making the event public. Trio On The Bay was gracious, and made their venue available to me.

Prior to the event night, I had given event flyers to several of the ladies. The Fairfax Twins traveled from Virginia and they gladly helped promote the event. The plan was to take them to South Beach to invite some people to the event personally. We had time a few hours that afternoon, so that’s what we did.

It was really nice for The Fairfax Twins to help invite people to the event. But also, this was an opportunity for those who had never heard of them to meet them in person. They definitely gained some attention while we were out. Be sure to read about their entire trip under “Models & Talent”

Of course, we still had the IMTMIAMI Launch Event to attend later. I had it planned to where the models would meet at the hotel of my guest Taneish Leslie of J’Adore Magazine as I had a limo taking us to the venue. After getting something to eat, resting and changing, we went back out. We were the first to arrive.
Here is a pic of the twins along with Christa Graziano and Tia Guice after they showed up.

Once the rest of the ladies made it to the hotel and all were settled, we made our way to the event venue. The drive was nice, especially with a few drinks.

One of the biggest reasons for my event, was to give all the talent an opportunity to speak on who they are.

The first few ladies all had ties to Fort Myers, Florida. Christa Graziano started things off.

Tia Guice followed.

Beatrice Jean had her turn to speak.

Here is a photo of The Fairfax Twins introducing themselves.

Kavita Channe came from Fort Lauderdale to attend. She gave me an impromptu interview that I wasn’t ready for.

After the talent introduced themselves, it was time for all to have a good time!

Aniley Perez looked pretty that night.

Part of my team that is helping me with the 2012 IMTM Swimsuit Calendar, Genevie and Phillip!

Fort Myers was well represented that night!

Lovely women all in one place! Tia, The Fairfax Twins and Christa Graziano

I didn’t take a lot of pics, but here are a few..

My special guest, Taneish Leslie of J’Adore Magazine!

Near the end of the evening, it was time to reveal the 2012 IMTM Swimsuit Calendar Cover. Very exciting moment. Afterwards, all of the models present signed autographs!

To say that I was very proud of the talent coming together as a group was an understatement. I have the honor of working with great people and having access to those in the industry that value professionalism. Here is the event video from the event. Thanks again to 1st Class Imagery. As 2012 continues, look for several projects from the talent of Innovative Model & Talent Management to include magazines, television, film, campaigns, radio, event hosting and more!! To book talent, email your budget and project specs to Enjoy the video! And be sure to reserve your copy of the 2012 IMTM Swimsuit Calendar! Visit “Events” or email me for more info.

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