Christa Graziano can do it all!

Haven’t heard of Christa Graziano yet?

Christa has appeared in major music videos, she has hosted several events, she has promoted for several companies, represented brands, and much more. During 2012 you will see her concentrate on television, film, and commercial work.

Christa is an accomplished model, yet she is still growing. Look for her in new publications, campaigns and projects in 2012! Most recently she appeared in the beauty issue of Ellements Magazine and will appear in the fashion issue of J’Adore Magazine in June!

Christa is a great event hostess. Her personality, her appearance and her appeal make her a definite draw to any event.

Here are just a few of the music videos that Christa has appeared in over the past two years.

Recently she appeared in the music video “Original” with Mystikal, Birdman and Lil Wayne.

This is her latest music video, “Rockin Wit” featuring the artist Jigg.
Christa’s fan base is growing daily. Lately she has started answering questions of her fans via Youtube. Take a look as well as the multiple videos of her on location, at events and everyday life!
Christa’s recent interview with artist Flo Rida on the set of his latest video “Wild Ones”. (copy/paste into your browser)

So now that you know a bit more about Christa, what do yout think? Hopefully you’re ready to be her next fan or you’re ready to book her for your next important project. Either way, Christa Graziano will be displaying her talent for all to see over the next decade and beyond!

To book Christa email your project budget and specifics to

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