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It is the holiday season. That doesn’t mean that everybody isn’t working. If you know somebody that has goals, aspirations and dreams to become a model/actor/artist or they have a business, a product or service and not enough people know this, direct them to contact me. Through the rest of the week, I’m offering discounts to some of the services I provide. If they don’t have they will have to get it eventually. Will you let them overpay? Will you let them overpay and suffer in quality? Will you let them not do anything at all? Do that have a real pursuit or is it a hobby? Tell them to call me at 305-310-4377 and give me a history of who they are, what they do, etc. Send what they look like or music they have or an image of what they make or service they provide to chris@imtmworldwide.com. If they are serious, I will talk to them about how to solve their current issue and do something for them. But if you know they will claim they don’t have any money, don’t forward them to me. You’ve seen my site, I work too hard, and my time is valuable. They’re supposed to want to get to that point quickly. If they’re not and you know it, have them contact me now.

Photoshoots can be booked for this month or pre-booked for next month. Articles as you see on my site can be specifically written ($50 until next week). People can purchase a sponsorship in my magazine Simply Innovative. Competition is constant, doesn’t take a break. You always have to be striving to do more.


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