Ariel wants the fashion and runway world to notice her

On the eve of a brand new year, there is no reason to put the pursuit of your goals and dreams on hold. This was the mindset of Ariel, who after making the decision to take modeling seriously, started making her own moves. Let’s find out about who she is and why you need to pay attention to her.

Ariel couldn’t wait to get into the world. She was born in Dania Beach, Fl, delivered safely in her grandmothers house, then transferred safely to the hospital. She only spent three years there, then moved to Upper Marlboro, MD. Fort Lauderdale, Fl was where she ended up and spent the rest of her childhood and teenage years there. Ariel was always an active young woman growing up. She was a cheerleader in two different schools, she skated at the local rink, had slumber parties with girlfriends, and of course spending time with members of her very large family. A very enjoyable moment in time for her, she didn’t miss out on many things.

A true beginner, Ariel only recently began taking modeling serious. This past October she had her first photoshoot with a friend of hers. During this shoot, she realized how creating something from nothing can be very fulfilling. And being able to get “the shot”, just sparked something in Ariel to make her feel that modeling is something she should pursue.
We all know history was made in 1996 as Tyra Banks became the first African American woman to grace covers of Sports Illustrated and Victoria Secret Catalog. This is the reason Ariel holds Tyra in high regard, and uses her as an inspiration.
Making an effort to put herself out there as a model available for opportunities is a big accomplishment for Ariel. She knows many people talk about going after their dreams, but only a few follow through.

Within the next five years Ariel would want to have been booked for modeling opportunities in different countries, and also at some point, create a company of her own. When she isn’t modeling or working, Ariel takes time out with family and friends, goes to the beach, and plays with her dog, Trickcey (will ask about the name another time). Naturally slender, Ariel doesn’t hold back on her favorite foods, baby back ribs, Hawaiian steak, and she’s been known to eat her share of french fries now and then.
Learning about someone new is always interesting. Finding about someone you could include in a project is something better. Below is information about Ariel that could prove useful if you have an upcoming project that you believe she could fit in. She is a hard worker, very dedicated, and ready to prove her decision is the right one!


Bust 32
Waist 24
Hips 35
Height 5’7”
Dress size 2
Shoe size 9 ½
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Short

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