Examples of a few things from the past

There was a time where I conducted castings for music videos and magazines. I stopped dealing with music videos 3 years ago, mostly because of the environment and attitudes about whether or not people have self worth. Here are a few I was involved in. Also blurb about my first magazine appearance, radio interview, a few castings I conducted, and other random stuff.

My first video I ever casted for. Damon Thomas of President Thomas Forbes hit me up about it, we worked on a few videos down the line. There were several models that I had at the time that were able to get face time in this video. How many times was the word “zoom” heard that night? I want to say it was late fall when this was done, so by 2am, it was pretty cool outside. 7pm-7am shoot. I remember thinking “Why does Shardai live so far??”. I picked her up and took her home. Jonesboro and Memorial Drive are not close:)

With this video, some of the models that was supposed to be in the red carpet scene didn’t show. One actually showed up on set (I know she was there cause when she got there from driving from Auburn to Atlanta, she called me, I walked to her car and gave her a hug), but when i was time to start the scene, she was nowhere to be found. She had left! Director is texting me and I’m looking for her and she had left and drove back to Auburn! The other girl didn’t show up at all. First video I was in though I did everything not to be seen. Red carpet scene, I was one of the photographers.

STRUGGLE NO MORE (Daddy’s Little Girls Soundtrack)

Here is a video you can definitely see me in. Glad I didn’t have to eat the food, it had been sitting for hours. This was a nice experience tho. Click on the link and check it out.

This is the cover of the first magazine publication I appeared in. Taneish Leslie was very gracious in giving me the opportunity. A few pics from a private launch party at Sundial Restaurant.

A few years ago I did a two night casting for SHOW Magazine in Atlanta. There was a test shoot scheduled the next day, which made it a long weekend. Sean Cummings (publisher) traveled from Los Angeles. Here are a few pics..

At an event myself and a few of the models was present at in Atlanta, met the fashion designer Mychael Knight. This was not too far removed from his Project Runway accomplishment. Have had small communications since through his staff, but hope to work with him in 2011.

I really only went out in Atlanta if it was related to business or if I was invited. J’ADORE Magazine publisher Taneish Leslie was nice enough to invite me out, so even though I couldn’t stay long, I stayed long enough to get a photo. Wardrobe stylist Betrice Benbow was there also, and the third young lady will again get mad at me for not remembering her name.

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