Don’t Be A Hater

Test. Name five things that the hard work that you have done for your job in the last ten years has produced something that has benefited you. Do you have the position that you want? Do you have the money you feel you deserve? Are you able to pay all of your bills all of the time? If you have kids, are all of their needs taken care of? Do you have flexibility in schedule? How many times have you been on vacation? If you had an emergency (family member becomes deathly ill, child breaks leg at school), how hard would it be to “not work”? Now, after naming 5 things, think again about all the work you’ve put in, the sacrifices, dedication, loyalty to whoever your employer is (or was). Has it been worth it? If it has and you have the perfect situation out of everything I’ve previously mentioned wonderful! Keep reading. If not, keep reading.

Last questions, what makes what you’ve been doing (so much better) than working for yourself? What makes using your personal skills, abilities, effort, dedication, loyalty, education and training to make your own money so horrible? Earning your own money so negative? Why wouldn’t you be the best business owner of all time? Why wouldn’t you work harder for yourself than for someone else? There are no jobs on earth that are guaranteed. The only guarantee is that “you” will show up to work everyday no matter how much or how little you get paid, no matter how much or how little you are respected, no matter how much you’re discriminated against, harassed, embarrassed, physically threatened, and sometimes worse. Many people feel their job is like being in jail. But you still go.

On the other hand, you will do everything to dismiss yourself from the possibility of working for yourself could be a better choice. You show envy towards those that have not only made the choice, but are successful. You make fun of them for being able to spend more time with their kids during the day. You laugh at them when they say they’re at the movies while you’re at work. You make it as if they are wrong for earning their own money on their own terms. You hate the fact that someone has made a life decision to not accept things they don’t like and you chastise them.

If you don’t feel like the above towards those who have chosen to be independent business owners, you probably know someone that does.

Nobody says quit your day job, but you should have a “backup plan”. People get laid off daily, no notice, for reasons that have nothing to do with them personally. You also should want an “exit strategy”, because really, do you want to work “forever”??? Who said that you “had” to work for 50 years?
Here are companies that have laid off people or have gone out of business in the last 2 years:
The United States Army
American Express
JP Morgan
Don’t you think that many of the people that used to be employed at these players felt they had “guaranteed” positions for years to come?????

The people that have taken the risk to own and operate their own business, whatever it is, should be applauded, not made fun off or dismissed as “stupid”. The people who are running their own business are working full-time hours on their jobs plus whatever hours they have left to pursue their “dream”. And if you know someone personally that is making the attempt to be independent, you should support them!

Don’t be a hater!!!!!

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