Baje Fletcher wants to help you “Design Your Life”!!

As I mentioned, I would begin having guests on my radio show this year. My first one is an important one. Baje Fletcher is a self made woman in the truest definition. She has created a company with the sole purpose of helping women accomplish any and all goals they may have. Los Angeles is the next city that will get a chance to see “Design Your Life”, will you be there? Find out why you should by listening to the show, May 1st at 10am.

Sometimes when women say they support other women they don’t mean it. Baje does. Sometimes you just need encouragement, advice, a new way to look at something. Baje provides that.

As an author, as someone that has appeared on Dr. Phil 3 times, as someone that has not worked for anybody for a decade, Baje has experiences that are worth listening too. That’s why you should take a listen to this show, and definitely why you should get a ticket for her workshops.

Do you know someone that could use a little push?? Tell them about Baje Fletcher.

Click on this paragraph and listen to the show on your computer or tablet online or call 646-652-4479 and listen on your phone.

Be sure to go to Amazon and get copies of both of her books!!

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