Do you really want it???????????

sometimes i take posts from Facebook and place them here, so you will not get an article formed post here, this is real time……

when you attend a casting or you audition for a part, you have a 50/50. if you can’t deal with that fact you shouldn’t put yourself in a position to try. when you’re given knowledge or advice that you never had or have heard of before and you choose to not apply it, its your fault that nothing happens. if you never show up to a casting or an audition you have been “asked” to come to, you have only yourself to blame that nothing happened. stop blaming other people for things you simply refuse to do. because your competition is regularly doing it and that’s why they have something going on, little or large its better than “nothing”. everybody can’t be selected for an opportunity. everybody can’t play the same role. everybody can’t be on the magazine cover. everybody can’t report on the same red carpet. but if you never show up, never get fully committed, never get fully trained, never get yourself together to “look” the part, why is somebody “obligated” to select you? we dont live in The Matrix. this is the real world. you have to be able to deal with rejection. you deal with rejection in other cases (you dont quit looking for a job when someone tells you no. you dont “not” eat when KFC says they out of chicken you go to Churches, you don’t walk around naked when the store you go to dont have the jeans you want, you go to another store). stop being silly. either get serious and prepare yourself to work hard, make sacrifices, take risks and do it for a year, 5 years, 10 years, 15 years until every opportunity every effort to do what you want to do has been exhausted and then if you quit you can be honest and say you truly tried. otherwise………………..

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