College or not? Business ownership or not? Career or just having a job?

There is a Washington Post article (May 2013) that states only 27% of college graduates are in the field of their chosen major. Why? There are several reasons. But one is that people don’t go to the cities where their major would be applicable to get a job that is actually available. They choose to stay where they are at. What does that do? Makes them feel like they wasted time (when they didn’t). Then they go and get “a job” and try to make a job work for them. Having a job just to have a job just to have money is not living. When you’re young having “a job” is cool. You’re 16, 17, 18 years old. You’re waiting tables, you’re at a cash register, stocking shelves, moving equipment, etc. You get a few hundred dollars a week, you have no bills, you’re living at home, etc. But when you’re 24, things have changed a bit right? $300 a week does not do you any real good, does it? And even if you manage to get something that pays you lets say, $600 or $700 a week, how stable is it? How many hours do you have to work to earn it? Do you enjoy doing what you do? Are you an incident away from being fired?

Have you ever really looked at job boards lately? There are thousands of jobs of good paying jobs. It always comes down to do you know what you need to know. Do you know what you should know. And, are you willing to learn what you need to know. Yes, some jobs provide “on the job training” but for jobs that are paying $50,000, $60,000, $70,000 and more a year, yes, you must and will have some kind of education to back up and justify paying you over $5000 a month. You don’t “deserve” anything. You must work for it. Now the other side of that, if you’re determined to go to school and finish, why not do it with a purpose of starting your own business?

You have the benefits of calling all the shots, getting grants, people wanting to invest in you because you have that piece of paper to show you kinda know what you’re doing, you get huge tax breaks, why not that? There are over 10 million privately owned companies in the United States. Why not you? Remember, you still have to work, hard. But still another viewpoint. What if school isn’t for you? It wasn’t for Bill Gates. He dropped out and in his room created Microsoft. He created a home based business and is now a billionaire many times and his name will never be forgotten, ever. There are over 22 million home based businesses in America (2011 numbers from Forbes magazine I’m sure there are more than 22 million now). To be classified as a “non-employer business” (meaning you have no active people you are paying a wage to) you have to earn at least $1000 a year…….From Forbes magazine using 2011 numbers, there were 398 home based businesses that grossed over 5 million dollars. 2,151,075 home based businesses earned between $50,000-$100,000. You realize that when you own your own home based business you’re working your own hours, you control when you earn your money, you are in control. And you earn even more tax breaks than a private business. And you can’t get fired. You can only quit. And guess what, many of these home businesses are done on a “part-time” basis because many of these people work “full-time” jobs (probably not the people who made $5,000,000 in a year), but you never know. And, guess what, you still have to work, hard.

Point is, you do have options, its a matter are you strong enough to take true action, get serious about your life and “do something”. Are you ready to do something? Call Chris at 7063938426 if you’d like to start doing something for yourself to earn income.

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