Dila Lino, student, mother, wife, employed, model, actress

Dila Lino is one of the hardest working people I know. When I first came across her, it took awhile to realize she had a lot going on. At first I didn’t believe she had 3 kids till I heard them on the phone. She is a veteran of the armed services and is employed by them. Living in Hawaii, she’s married to a serviceman. But also, she’s taking classes pursuing a law degree. She also teaches kickboxing classes. Now with all of this, she takes the time to pursue modeling and acting. Recently, she has appeared on the cover of Titanium Girlz Magazine, a few music videos, a television show in Hawaii, fashion shows and a major boxing event in New York. Her concentration now is fully in acting, and I believe she will make some huge strides in the year 2010. Be sure to look out for her!!

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