The radioactive microwave finally gives out

Just a few days ago I warmed up some fishsticks in the microwave. Now what makes this microwave different from others is that if you don’t watch your food, it will melt in front of your eyes. Doesn’t matter the setting or time, it’s just way too powerful. Well, later the same day, I popped some leftovers that I had cooked the night before. Inputted the time, hit start, but nothing happend. The light came on, timer started counting backwards, but it wasn’t “microwaving”. Later that night, I tell Jerika what happend. After a short pause, she says, “well, I did get it at a thrift store”. We both had a nice laugh on that one. Had an interesting time trying to unthaw sour cream in the oven last night. Yes the sour cream was frozen by the sub zero refridgerator, don’t ask, lol.

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