Crystal Gossman is not just a makeup artist, she is a dream maker

Ever hear the phrase, “She looks like a dream?”. That is what Crystal creates. You let her know what you want and she exceeds expectations.

When I decided to put together Simply Innovative Magazine, I knew certain things were going to be very important. Top amongst these was the cover. You can only have one “first” cover. There were a few options I considered, but in the end, I asked my good friend Claudia Romani if she would do it. She thankfully said yes. After that, I had to create the team that would enhance Claudia to a point where people would never forget what they saw.

Biricik Media was the photography studio that agreed to work with me. His skills and background was a perfect match for the project. Finding a makeup artist was next. After contacting a bunch of folks, Crystal was the one that reached out to me. I gave her an idea of what I was going for on the phone, sent a picture of Claudia, and she let me know her thoughts. Once we arrived at shoot location and we decided on what the cover outfit would be, she got to work.

The final product turned out to be one of the best images I’ve been involved with in my time doing what I do. Not just the cover, but all of the images that will end up in Simply Innovative were excellent. I was very happy, as was Claudia and that was even more important. What do you think?

If you have an upcoming project that you know you need the best makeup, you have to consider Crystal. She works on all aspects of the creative process in projects pertaining to commercials, television, modeling, fashion, beauty, editorial and more. Be sure to let her know that Chris of IMTM referred you!!

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