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The magazine is an extension of Innovative Model & Talent Management. There are several individuals that the public does not know about that have truly “innovated” their chosen industries. SI magazine will highlight these individuals. Another aspect that will make the magazine unique is the featuring of people on the international scene. Subjects such as Science, Health, Technology, Manufacturing, Sports, Food and others will be discussed. In addition, those that IMTM has personally worked with will also be given special notice.

Every little bit counts. We are seeking donations to support this immense project. The magazine will be free, no subscriptions, no cost to read it, nothing. So think about giving a bit of yourself to help support great and talented people throughout the world who are making a difference and innovating their chosen professions.

Some of the people that will be featured in the first issue represent the U.S., Italy, Argentina, Cuba, England and other places. This first issue is geared towards the Entertainment Industry. There are celebrity wardrobe stylists, actresses, artists, models, photographers, filmmakers, and others.

There is no particular amount that you have to donate. Just know that what you send helps towards the current issue, future issues and expansion of the magazine.

To receive information on how you can make a donation, email Or you can copy/paste this link into your browser:

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