ATL What! Falcons are 7-2!!

In the top 10 in most offensive and defensive categories, best special teams in the league (tho Nov 7th messed that up), the Falcons have a complete team. They can throw with Ryan, pound with Turner and catch with White. They can actually stop people when they need to now. Backup players are even playing better. Good coaching? Yes, but I think finally everybody is holding themselves accountable.

Right now New Orleans is looking up and still have the two games to play. But barring just a complete disaster, the Falcons will be there at the end either with the division won or even a bye. But this year with how the rest of the NFC is, the Falcons could end up with the best record.

It’s exciting nevertheless. Falcons dominate at home, and are competitive on the road. 7 games left, let’s see what happens!!

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