Ashleigh Gabriel is talented, motivated and dedicated.



Best laid plans….

For most, setting goals for themselves is very important. They go to school, graduate, consider a career, select it, and work hard until they choose to retire.

That is not exactly how it went for Ashleigh Gabriel. Her story will not only be interesting but inspirational.

Ashleigh was born a small town named South Hadley, Massachusetts. How small? Less than 20,000 people reside there. When you are from somewhere that small, it’s not often that it would be known for much. In this case, South Hadley is the home of the United States first navigable canal and the oldest women’s college (Mount Holyoke).

Her parents worked very hard, but did not have much money. However they made sure a roof was over their heads, food in bellies.  Sacrifices meant that Ashleigh had to stay with her grandparents often because her parents worked a lot. At the age of eight, her parents divorced. Fortunately she always had family around with 4 step sisters, a step brother and her sister.


Ashleigh was fifteen years old when modeling became a possible pursuit. In school she was heavy into sports and academics, so there was not much room for anything modeling related. As with most young ladies, Tyra Banks was the woman she admired, watching America’s Next Top Model.

At nineteen years old Ashleigh made a life decision by enlisting in the U.S. Army. Knowing what she wanted to concentrate on, it didn’t take long for commanding officers to take notice of her work ethic. It seemed that everything was working in her favor and retirement after twenty years was in reach. In a tragic turn of events, Ashleigh endured an injury that caused her to have to retire early from the Army. This injury also required major rehab, relearning things we all take for granted. The one thing that made this time a bit bearable was an offer from her commanding officer to come back and work as a civilian. This was high praise, as this is not an ordinary offer.



With an unexpected early retirement from the service, Ashleigh had to decide what she was going to now do. Initially, not having the comradery and support that she was used to was difficult. It was as if she was in a different world coming out of the service. Eventually, a new direction became apparent.


Research on different avenues of the health field peaked Ashleigh’s interest. Partially this due to her rehabilitation. The work she put in turned into a sincere interest in fitness competitions and modeling. Trial and error was necessary regarding lifting weights, her diet, and performing on stage. Challenging as this was, she did not shy away from it. Once she began seeing success, there was no turning back. There are not any models that she pays attention to as a blueprint, because doesn’t want to be set in a particular mode of modeling. To date, her biggest accomplishment is learning to be comfortable in her own skin. Modeling lingerie and swimwear boosted her confidence greatly.


Over the next five years a new goal that Ashleigh will pursue is her dream of becoming an agent with the FBI. In the meantime her work as an assistant manager at a general nutrition company keeps her occupied. With the little spare time that she manages to create, Ashleigh can be found at the gym or spending time with her girlfriends. She does cook, and some of her favorite foods include steak, prime rib, broccoli and yes, asparagus.



Ashleigh has overcome several obstacles to be where she is right now. There is no doubt that all of her dreams and goals will be achieved. Make sure you follow her on social media under @ashleigh.modeling on Instagram.

The photos that you see are from a photoshoot with IMTM Worldwide Images. There was something that happened during the shoot that had never happened on a shoot before, stay tuned for the behind the scenes video coming soon. Make sure you listen to the radio interview of Ashleigh on the “Women In Business” show, posted below. Please support Ashleigh by following her and listening to her interview!!!



BTS Video of her photoshoot!

Interview on the Women In Business show

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