Artist, Alfredo MillerGelate

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Value of a piece of art is dependent on how an individual feels about what they are looking at. Alfredo keeps this in mind when he puts brush to canvas. But he is purely an “inspirational” painter. Unless given something specific, he simply paints what he feels.

Some of the best works in history have been produced in this manner. And with the fact that Alfredo is self taught, his work will always have a uniqueness to it.

Born in Panama to a father of Scottish and Panamanian descent and a mother of French and Indian (India) descent, Alfredo was privileged to learn about multiple cultures in one place. A career in the Air Force further heightened his appreciation for different countries, people, food and ways of life. All of these things can be seen in his paintings.

Now retired, Alfredo literally paints for the sheer enjoyment of it, often giving paintings away at a whim. But at the urging of friends and family, he is now making his work available to art buffs and the general public.

Alfredo Miller takes you to another place, viewing his paintings allows you to literally “get away from it all”. Thought provoking imagery, style and certain signature strokes makes him an artist to pay attention to for years to come.

If you would like to purchase a current piece of artwork or have an original piece created, please email Also, he looks to display his work, so if you know of galleries that would appreciate what he creates, tell us!

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