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Everybody has a life story. Not everybody decides to tell people about it, much less write about it. A young man in Florida has decided to do so. A military veteran, a husband, a father, this man has had a string of life experiences that are both unbelievable and yet easy to relate to. Please read, and tell us what you think. Would you like to hear the whole story? Visit me on Twitter, @intellectatl and say “i want to hear the whole story” if you feel you want to know more about the life of a soldier.

Well, let me start off telling you I’ve never had anything handed to me. If I wanted something I went out and got it. I never had an easy life. I was born in Trenton, New Jersey. I have two sisters, a younger and older sister. We are all two years apart and the funny thing is that our birthdays are all about a month apart. My little sister’s is on August, mine is September, and my older sister is in October. My parents moved to South Philly when I was four and that’s where I spent the majority of my youth and teenage years. My mother did all she could for us when we were growing up. My father on the other hand, was a drunk. He would beat on us when he would drink. It was crazy. Every Friday, at five in the afternoon, my father would cash his check and head straight to the the gas station or beer distributors and would always buy a 24 pack. His drinking partner was my uncle.
My uncle was pretty cool, he looked out for us but he was a drunk as well. It was pretty funny seeing him and my father drink together though. They would always say the dumbest things and just laugh at the stupidest things. But when he would stop drinking for the night he would start to turn violent. It was always my older sister that would get it the worst. Looking back at it now, she would always get hit from him when he would drink. My mother really didn’t say much about it, I guess she was scared about what he might do to her.

When my mother kicked my father out of the house I thought my world was over, I mean I knew he was a shitty father and a worse husband but I always like to have him around just because he was my father. No other man can take that title but the one who made you.

I heard from around the neighborhood that he was really heavy into black tar/smack or aka heroin. He was around the worst neighborhood getting high like there was no tomorrow. He was fucking around with the known drug addicts and was fucking some of the known prostitutes. So while he was fucked up getting high we were struggling.

My sisters and I made sure that the house was always clean. I also started to concentrate on my studies after I realized that my father wasn’t coming home any time soon. After just getting by 7th grade I decided to really grind out to get great grades for the next year. Before I knew I it I graduated from 8th grade and I was heading to high school. I got great grades and was actually given the principle’s award which I was so surprised to get. I mean I knew I was a good student and all but I wasn’t expecting that.
Because I got such good grades and whatnot the neighborhood drug dealer decided to take me out and get me clothes for high school. I couldn’t even believe it. That a man that I really didn’t even know like that would even talk to me and at that take me out to get clothes and school supplies and everything I need for high school. I never felt this way before. I was just so proud of myself. But he got me name brand clothes and I wasn’t used to that. He made sure I was fresh for high school. I had asked him why he did this for me and he told me that “No matter were life takes you, you will over come and surpass the competition and to never let anyone hold me down. That my greatest enemy is myself.” I really didn’t know what that meant at time but it always stuck with me.

Later on that night I had got approached by this fine ass lil mama that went to our school. I remember her name to this day. Her name was Martina. She was 5’4” 125 lbs. Body like a goddess. She was half black and half white. She had milky white skin with nice big booty.

Her parents really liked me. They said that I’m a good kid and a good student and how they were happy on how I was treating there daughter. Little that I have know that this was gonna be a year that I would never forget.
First of all, my mother was starting to act weird. Her moods were always up and down. I mean one day she would be so happy. The next day she would seem so down and depressed.

My older sister tells me what was going on with my mother and her boyfriend. She told me that they were smoking crack for six months.

It was just a lot to take in especially when your in the middle of the school year and looking forward toward your senior year. I came home and my older sister was sitting there just crying. I ask her what was wrong and she handed me this letter. It was a letter from my mother. The letter stated “To my kids, I’m sorry but I can’t do this anymore I’m sorry I couldn’t be the mother you deserve. I’m sorry how I’ve treated you, I’m so sorry about everything.” I looked at it and just looked at my older sister. Tears started to flow down my face and I didn’t know what to feel. I didn’t know what to do. Then my little sister walks in and she sees us crying and asks us what wrong. We tell her what mom did and she can’t believe it. My little sister was closest with my mother so it was hard for her to take in that our mother was a crackhead but later own find out that our mother left us there alone with no money no nothing.

I take a look out the window and said on final goodbye all in my head. Not just to my sister but also to Philly. I never been nowhere else Philadelphia was all I knew so that’s where I always wanted to be. So I say goodbye to my city as well. I say goodbye Philly and I’ll see you when I get back. Our first stop Puerto Rico.

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