You should always want to show that you are better than the rest

A few months ago Amaryllis let me know that she was entering a pagent but she had never done runway. I volunteered to help her with developing a walk, answering questions, etc. She won her age division.

This morning she called me to say she was able to use what I showed her again at a recent audition for a fashion show. She admitted she was a little nervous, but when they asked her questions, she gave them good answers. And when it was time for the runway portion, she was told she did better than all the rest of the candidates. She was even asked to help some of the girls with their walks.

Amaryllis recently had a photoshoot with Jasmin Design & Photography. Out of those shots she has a picture that can be used for an acting headshot. I asked her if she would be able to print some for submission purposes (network television and film). She said she could. So now I will be abe to submit her for several projects that start production in December and January.

You have to feel that you can do it. You have to tell people sometimes that you are someone to pay attention to. If someone selects you, whether or not you have experience doesn’t really matter. They like you. But if you don’t submit to an opportunity or attend a casting for an opportunity or don’t get the presentation materials to be able to submit yourself to an opportunity in the first place, you’re not able to move forward.

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