You can’t script this

So somebody has knocked the mailbox down again. I’m on the phone with Beatrice Jean and peaking out the window waiting to see if I can catch the mailman in case he/she has mail. If the mailbox is on ground, they wont put anything in it, so I was going to go out and let them hand it to me. Well I see a mail truck coming up the street, it does a u-turn and meanwhile I’m trying to jump over the couch and open the door and run out before it passes on our side of street. I made it, but she just drove on by…. she was on her dang cell phone.. what in the world? but i dont think she had any mail, cause they left our replacement DISH remote the other day the last time the mailbox was torn off. anyway, Jerika Lynn comes out laughing her head off cause she saw the whole thing from her window. i couldnt be mad, cause it was pretty rediculous:)

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