Will my Braves sneak in??? Falcons beat New Orleans. Mike Vick is a bad…….

Injuries have caught up to my Braves, but they still have a chance to make it. They close the season out at home, which they have the best home record in baseball. Bobby Cox retires after this season, so a playoff run sure would be nice. Really need it, cause we have holes that need to be filled and attracting some free agents would be big now. We shall see what happens soon.

So my Falcon’s got the important win for the season, beating the super bowl champs in New Orleans. I’ve said they need a season sweep to 1. win the division and 2. prove they should’ve beat them last year and 3. show that they are NFC contenders. I’m hoping to make a home game somehow.

Michael Vick. Starting again, throwing again, running again. Number 7 is back with a renewed purpose and showing that he hasn’t slowed down and has a good 6 or 7 years easy. Philadelphia I’m sure knew this was a possibility no matter what they said about Kolb. Now that it’s reality, they are a legit team in the NFC now. I still wish there would’ve been a way to keep him in the A tho.

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