What are the Hawks going to do??

Well, at this point I can’t defend Joe Johnson anymore. He got shut down by a lame backup player. I don’t think Woodson should take the blame, but he’s gone now and wont get a chance to finish what he started. I don’t think they should dismantle the team. But they have to make a decision on Marvin. They need a 5 to put Al at 4 and Josh at 3. Bibby cant come back, we need a point. We need another bonified shooter off the bench to help crawford. i would take a legit 5 and have marvin coming off bench with crawford. if we dont keep joe, we have to lure somebody here. i think the coaching change will help tho cause how in the worldĀ can you not adjust from double teaming and giving up wide open 3’s everytime down the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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