From an idea in my head a month ago comes reality. Earlier in 2018, I helped the Okan Twins bring a story to life. In Starbucks, they wrote on a small notebook the idea for a short film that we entitled “Falling Star”. I re-wrote it into script form, added dialouge, proceded to have a casting call, procure shoot locations, set a shoot schedule, everything to make sure the film happened. And it did. Hopefully you will see it in 2019.


But I did not hold the camera. I know I can say I assisted in the direction, because I knew the story and what the girls wanted to happen. But ever since then I had thought about putting something together for myself. Years ago, I had began a script for a project called “Girlfriend Please”. Even had a poster made for it. Unfortunately, that project never happened. But I never forgot it. A month ago, an idea popped into my head, a story really. It was unique, but I felt I could bring this story to life if I had the right actress.


That actress ended up being someone that had never acted before. I met Cathy at work, during training. Sometimes we would have to do presentations and demonstrations. Each time Cathy was in front of the room, you could tell she was not afraid to standout. But also she had skills with voices, and by listening to her, you can tell she would be a great storyteller if given the chance. So one day I approached her so she could consider my film. After giving her basic info, she showed enough interest for me to send her an email. From there, we had a sit down so I could layout more of the idea, plus take a few still shots. The black and white photo above represents one of the images.

After that, I planned a day where we could actually shoot some footage. I needed to see what she could do, since she was new to acting. I needed to find out exactly how I was going to put scenes together, look at different backdrops, get my timing down, etc. I recorded both video and audio. The following is just a few things I put together from that day. I’ve never filmed before, nor have I edited anything for the purpose of film. Let me know what you think. Hopefully, I haven’t given away the story, because as I said, it’s different, and it has a twist to it.



First day of shooting happened on April 7, 2019 at The Black Cow restaurant located in Columbus, GA. Thanks again to Stephanie of Yalla PR for making the location available. The cast did a wonderful job portraying their roles. Thanks to Live in Colour Photography for the behind the scenes photos and J.Clarke for the wardrobe design for my lead actress Cathy Leslie. Look for some behind the scenes video coming soon!!!

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Transitions-1st unofficial teaser

Transitions-2nd unofficial teaser


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