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I am old school, mostly because of my father. I enjoy black and white movies. I listen to music from the fifties and sixties. I can appreciate Frank Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack, the movies they appeared in. What it must have been like to watch them perform in person in Las Vegas. I’ve never been to Vegas, so it was a treat to get a taste of what it was like when I attended “Come Fly With Me”, a salute to Frank Sinatra. The chosen performer, Tony Mele.


Who is Tony Mele? He was born in Buffalo, NY. His was an Italian family, small, just himself and his sister. Parents were hardworking, father was an electrician and his mother was a beautician,  specializing in cutting and coloring hair. Tony grew up in a loving environment, and despite not having much, his parents always made sure they had what was needed.

For years Tony was always singing. But the first time he realized he may have something to offer was when he was approached by a rep from the William Morris Talent Agency. While living in Daytona Beach, Florida he was the Food & Beverage manager of two properties. He was also responsible for booking entertainment. Every now and again he sang with the house band for fun. One night, the lead singer was sick and not able to perform. They asked if he could fill in, and he ended up singing the entire night. Red Pollack of William Morris Agency told him that he has something people should hear. He was brought to New York, where for two years he studied voice operatically with Marty Hellinger (the best vocal coach in the country at the time). Tony began taking things real serious at that point.


Being able to take influences and use them is important in performing live. Tony pays attention to all male and female vocalists. He also enjoys taking songs and interpreting them in a different way.
Over a span of 22 years traveling around the country for the top comedians during the sixties and seventies, the majority of Tony’s major accomplishments occurred during this time. One of these performances was on the acclaimed Merv Griffin show
What does the future look like for Tony? He doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon. A few things that he would like to do more of include performing with full orchestra’s, like in the “old days”. Being able to participate in the film industry or Broadway would be a challenge he would like to take on.
Did you know Tony was a PGA Professional? He is retired now, but still gets on the links for the fun of it. With all of the shows and traveling, you may wonder how Tony stays energized. Pasta and seafood! Come on, he “is” Italian after all.
What genre of music does Tony enjoy performing??? Watch this!
At the beginning of this article I mentioned the event where I met Tony. The Commerce Club periodically holds special events for its members. I was there because the owner of The Goal Group, Baje Fletcher, invited me and a few guests. Lovelyne and Pitrell enjoyed themselves tremendously, as we were treated to champagne and some really tasty hors-d’oeuvres throughout the evening. The view of downtown Atlanta at night is always special. Tony performed everything from classic Sinatra, some bossa nova, even Motown!!!! 
How can you secure Tony for bookings in 2016!!! Visit Email him at or call him at 770-367-4578. Believe me you will not be disappointed.
If you’re in Atlanta, here is Tony’s upcoming schedule of appearances!
New York Prime in Buckhead
Monday and Friday
The Ridge in Cumming, GA

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