to all subscribed to my site

hope you enjoyed holiday weekend. anybody get bit by a zombie???

tell your friends and family, if they know somebody that isn’t just talking about “trying” to be a model but actually putting in “actions” that now is the time to hit me up. for this week only, my $500 package in my “IMTM Workshop” (located on my homepage), will be available for $125. You’ll get all the aspects of that package with this catch, the talent is responsible for their own images and video. But I will provide everything else in the package including submissions to opportunities, placement on my website and everything else. That’s a big deal. But it’s only good for this week. If I get a lot of people to take advantage, I may do this once a month for the rest of the year. This is only for those that seriously are pursuing a “career”.

those interested can email their pictures, name and telephone number to if they don’t send a number, I won’t hit them up.


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