Tiffany Winter truly is an amazing woman, who is she?

Sometimes you have to truly look for talent. But every now and again it jumps out at you. This is apparent when you see Tiffany Winter.

I’ve only had one phone conversation with her and I was totally impressed. From her skills and abilities as a film director, to her ownership of property that she earns revenue from, and her natural beauty, Tiffany will garner anybody’s full attention and respect.

Her unique features stem from her Polish and West Indian heritage, which she is very proud of.

Extensive training in acting and improv allows her to host events and secure acting opportunities both on film and stage. Athletically inclined and a trained musician, Tiffany is an all around talent that can do it all!!

Some of Tiffany’s professional credits include companies such as Loreal, Paul Mitchell, Nuvo, Hennessey and others. She has also appeared in television shows such as Royal Pains, movies such as Men In Black III as well as commercials.

Tiffany has self produced and directed short films entitled “Crazed” and “Slice of Shade” that she stars in. Here is the intro of “Crazed” for your enjoyment.

Modeling is an industry that Tiffany very much wants to make her own and take full advantage of. One of her projects was putting together her own calendar. Here is an idea of what fans came to expect!

Why miss out on having an opportunity to book an overall talent like Tiffany Winter? She is available for professional and budgeted projects. For booking email For appearances and interviews contact @CEOTONIMATEO on Twitter.

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