Being determined to make every situation positive is a trait of successful people. Tia is a great example of this. Despite going to school and working full-time, she manages to pursue her goals of becoming a well known talent in the entertainment industry. She looks to make herself better by staying in excellent physical shape, taking acting classes, and staying out of situations that are potentially harmful to her.

So far Tia has been booked to host fashion shows, radio and tv programs, events, represent brands at major trade shows and more. Her most recent project is her first appearance in a major music video.

2012 will be an important year for Tia. Many of her personal goals will be realized and she looks to enjoy the fruits of her labor. Not only is Tia beautiful, but she has a personality that all people are drawn too. If you’re an industry professional looking to highlight your special project, consider booking Tia Guice today by emailing imtmworldwide@gmail.com with your budget and specifics.

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