How did I meet The Collins Twins? I was at a photoshoot with another model and in the room there was a magazine rack. I was glancing through one of the magazines and there was a page that featured Stacee and Tracee Collins. I’d never seen them before and of course I was like “TWINS!!!”, lol. I read their interview and saw they had an email. I decided to hit them up to see if they were working with anybody at the time. They hit me back that they weren’t and thus started a working relationship. They appeared as JET Beauties of the week, Stacee appeared on a nationally published book cover, and more. Now, these young women have moved on to secure features and covers on multiple magazine covers, websites and have been asked to host several events over the past year. Even though they both work full time jobs, they schedule things to where the things they want to do and can do get done. I’ve seen them grow over the last few years both in passion, looks and direction. I’ll always support them as I can and look forward to seeing what else they’ll accomplish in the future.

Watch them in their latest video, Jody Breeze in “Time to Get It Poppin”. They are available for booking for music videos, event hosting, commercials, television and film. Email me at

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