Thanks, but no thanks….

How many times will you hear or see the words: “Thank you for your interest in employment with us. Part of our selection process includes a thorough review of each candidate’s work experience, education and background. While we sincerely appreciate your interest, we wanted to let you know that we have identified a more suitable candidate for the position listed above. We hope you will continue to visit us at our website, to explore other positions that might better suit your qualifications.” Doesn’t that get old at a certain point? We kill ourselves trying to get someone to give us a chance, to interview us, to hire us and let us show what we can do, but you get those words instead….

Twenty years of working for people, and in applying for work the times I would see those words I always said “who did they find better than me?”. You have to realize, employers don’t really want the best. Because it’s not the job of a job to make you money, it’s to be profitable. So if they can find someone who can do the job “adequately” but not “expertly” they can save money by paying that person less.

When you sign that piece of paper saying you agree to the “wages”, its a contract. You have agreed to the wages they have decided to pay you. If you didn’t negotiate, nothing you can say. If you didn’t have enough clout to negotiate (experience, education), nothing you can say. If you did negotiate and they didn’t agree to “your” terms and you sign anyway, nothing you can say. Eventually, you have to decide to get paid what you are worth. Otherwise, you will always feel that you are “trapped”.

If you have decided that it is time for a change, but don’t know how to move forward, call me at 706-393-8426, refer this article and I will give you an option that is working for me…..Do you feel that you deserve more than what you have right now? And if you are getting everything you want and need, do you know someone that you can help get to that same point?

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