Tara + Martin Collection Launch Party

How do I know Tara Renee? I was looking at some photos of Christa Graziano and I asked if someone had styled it. She told me it was Tara. I looked up her website, followed on Twitter and from there I kept in touch. That was almost 6 months ago. About 8 weeks ago, I moved from Atlanta to Miami, so eventually I knew I would have my first chance to meet her in person. Sure enough, I recieved an invitation to her launch party.

Tara Renee is an accomplished stylist that has created her own line of hair accessories. The launch was to bring her close friends together as well as those within the fashion and modeling industries to get the first glimpse of what she will be offering.

This was not your ordinary event. Event Planner Reina Anise took Tara’s vision and brought it to life. The event was held on the 14th Floor of Marina Blue in Downtown Miami. You walk into the space and immediately you have to be impressed. Thirty foot ceilings, hardwood floors, plenty of food and beverages.

As the evening progressed, models displayed Tara’s amazing pieces. Each was unique, and all the ladies present took plenty of pictures.

There were several guests that attended the launch event. Jewelry designer Meka Monroe, Celebrity stylist Ms. Kippish, Orin of Orinary Creations, model/actress Christa Graziano and more. Memories of the event were taken by 1st Class Imagery.

I was very happy to have been invited to this event. It was my second opportunity to network in Miami. As time passes I’m hoping to continue to establish new relationships and support those that support each other.

Be sure to visit http://fancybytch.blogspot.com/ to stay up to date with everything FancyBYTCH! Tara Renee has proved that hard work, sacrifice and dedication will spawn success. Become a part of her movement, follow her on Twitter, @ExecuBYTCH.

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