Sports update for everybody, Hawks, Falcons, Braves, etc

It’s good that the Thrashers lasted this long. After the Danny Heatley incident, and then getting rid of Kovi, writing was on the wall. No team can sustain a period of success without a bonifide star, especially in a town like Atlanta, that has no true passion for sports. Plus, they are probably the worse marketed franchise of any of the teams we have in town. If we lose the Atlanta Thrashers, it will be messed up, but they deserve to go somewhere where owners and public care.

The Atlanta Braves. Don’t know why they love to play more than 9 innings, but they need to figure it out and soon. Bullpen will only hold up so long. Not being able to hold leads this early in season, doesn’t bode well if they make it to playoffs again. The hitting is still not there although they have a lineup that on paper should hit consistently. Heyward is starting to look like our Greg Oden. But at least Chipper is being Chipper still. Uggs is supposed to be our new pop in the middle of lineup, still hasn’t really happened. We need a real threat in the lineup, don’t know where it’s going to come from. Starting pitching can match it up with anybody tho and as bad as they’ve played, they are right there.

Falcons, lockout.

Atlanta Hawks. I shorten what I wrote on the Hawks FB page the other day. Dwight is not a free agent until the 2012 season. We don’t have enough to trade for him. Tyson Chandler tho not a post up center that commands double’s, he would move Al to the 4 and Josh to the 3. That would fix half the issues the team has. I could live with Tyson and Zaza at the 5 spot. Jeff Green is a free agent, would be a great backup for Al. If we keep Jamal, Powell, and Damien, get rid of the rest of the bench and get Stojakovic. That would give you 3 legit scorers off the bench plus Z and Powell to bang with people. Get one more defensive minded person for the bench, maybe Bogans and you can have a shot of getting to the Eastern Conference Finals. That’s only if Drew will threaten to have snipers in the crowd if anybody holds the ball longer than 2 seconds on offense and if they can learn how to play the pick and roll and play out of double teams. And how to play 48 minutes a game. we had a 55 win team lose 15 games for no reason other than effort. If Drew starts the season like that again, he has to go.

Starting Lineup Tyson Chandler, Al Horford, Josh Smith, Joe Johnson, Jeff Teague and bench Kirk, Jamal, Stojakovic, Jeff Green, ZaZa with Damien, Josh Powell and Keith Bogans coming in for defense. with coaching, this team could make stuff happen.

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