Shawntae’s taste of “making things happen”

Shawntae told me that once she decides to do something, she does it. Many do not have that attitude. They say one thing, and then you never hear from them again. Shawntae said that she wanted a full photoshoot, hair/makeup/wardrobe. She wanted help putting things together. And that she was ready to have people see her as a model, not just another girl on Facebook.

Driving from Chattanooga, TN last week, she went first to the hair stylists salon to have her first hair style done. Then, she came to Oupipee Studios where her makeup artist was waiting. Then the wardrobe stylist pieced together the first outfit, on the spot.

Wardrobe stylist Betrice Benbow, makeup artist Mee’kyah and hair stylist Latoya did such a wonderful job. Previously being sent pictures and measurements, they all had a general idea of what they wanted to do.

Meeting Shawntae in person further helped in putting together looks that would work. This was only Shawntae’s third photoshoot, but Kehinde of Oupipee Studios worked with her throughout making sure she enjoyed herself but also guided her in getting into poses or getting the right facial expression. Of course, I played a small part throughout the shoot to make sure I secured shots that I wanted.

In putting together a team for a shoot, you have to have confidence in everybody’s skills and also know that all can work together as a group.

When you see the finished product, all the hard work is definitely worth it.

When you really want to do something, you do it. No excuses. This is what Shawntae did. And now she knows that she has it within her to accomplish a goal. Sky is the limit, how far will she go?

Shawntae is available for professional modeling opportunities. If you have an interest, click “Booking” on the home page of this site.

Here is the video of Shawntae’s shoot!

If you wish to book your next photoshoot with Oupipee Studios and have wardrobe stylist Betrice Benbow, MUA Mee’kyah and hair stylist Latoya work with you, email for package costs right now.

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