Pursuing her dream of acting, Keene Joseph

When it comes to the entertainment industry, acting is one of the most rewarding genre’s to enter, but the hardest to be successful at. Over the last few decades, women of color have garnered great recognition. A new actress is looking to add herself to the acting sisterhood, Keene.

“Alo a tout Ayisyen mwen!!” says Keene, who is of Haitian descent. Born in Miami, she lived several areas including Little Haiti, Miami Shores and North Miami Beach. Her single mother did the best she could to provide for the family, which included two siblings. But by sticking together, the few tough times they had were outweighed by happy ones. As a child, Keene and her sisters would play make believe with neighborhood kids, even put on skits for the neighbors. In high school, her interest for acting began senior year. But it wasn’t until entering college that she thought of it as a serious career choice. Support from family wasn’t immediate; they looked to her to become a doctor. Now, her dreams are fully supported. Actresses such as Angela Bassett, Viola Davis, and Taraji P. Henson epitomize the qualities of beauty, class, strength that Keene wants to display as an actress. Many never have an opportunity to pursue their dreams, so Keene’s pursuit of an acting career is a huge accomplishment so far.

In years to come, Keene wants to be an established actress, and use her celebrity to open charities focused on the homeless. Helping people in need is something close to her heart, and she does this in her spare time. Despite her hectic schedule, Keene finds time to cook, Haitian of course. But she also enjoys Italian and various southern foods. Everybody has a story, Keene is determined to create one that nobody will forget.
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