Oupipee Studios in 2011.

2010 was rough on everybody that works in the fields of photography, video, hair, makeup, styling, etc. The economy caused everybody that would utilize these services to pull back.

However, people still need these services daily. Or they want these services. The question is what are they willing to sacrifice. The people who provide these services work hard, they are professional and for many of them, it’s how they feed their families.

So consider that when you propose to show interest in using somebody. Once you know what the rates are and you agree to them, put down your deposit. Don’t hem haw for weeks. Once you set a date that you say you can shoot, don’t back out. You set the date based on your schedule. If you don’t have the means or the time to do anything, don’t initiate anything. People can’t feed their daughters on hot air.

Oupipee Studios has a special going on right now, look for it on the website. They have 3 packages currently available for anybody that wants to get something done (ask to take a look at them). Visit these links: www.oupipeestudios.tv and www.modelmayhem.com/1924585. If after you review these links you like what you see, contact info is below for you to move forward. This is for anybody to utilize. Oupipee Studios will travel to your city if there are at least 10 people shooting.

Oupipee Studios provides services such as:

Photography for models, actors, actresses, kids, businesses, weddings, concerts
Videography for models, actors, actresses, kids, businesses, weddings, concerts
Headshots for actors/actresses
Music videos, behind the scenes footage at performances, album covers, interviews for artists
Training videos, commercials, for business owners
Web series creation, short films, documentaries for individuals
Much more

Opportunities can only be secured if you can prove that you are worthy to be booked. If you have no resume, no images, no video content to show you can do it, do you really believe it’s going to happen??

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