New artist Yvena Marie is determined to fight through obstacles to reach her goals!

Marie was born Marie Yvena Polydor in the city of Naples Florida. Raised in the cities of Immokalee and Golden Gate City in a strict Haitian household, Marie learned the values of hardwork, importance of education and physical fitness at an early age. Her mother worked two jobs to support the three sisters and one brother. A gifted student, Marie was continually placed in advanced classes, gaining several honors. As an athlete, she was a member of the track team and cheer leading squad. She was never idle.

Singing has been something Marie has wanted to do since she was seven, as she was a part of the church choir. As she grew up she paid attention to artists such as Destiny’s Child and Tamia. She also molded her skills by the voices of Ledisi and Jill Scott.

One of the hurdles Marie has overcome was in regards to her academic pursuits. There was a point where she was on the verge of dropping to a point in college where she could never recover and thus, possibly would have to quit. But after rededicating herself, she is now a stellar student, even making the deans list and she’ll receive her Associates Degree in General Education at the end of the summer.

Over the last year artist Yvena Marie has dealt with triumphs and disappointments. In the career of any young artist, having reliable people around you is key. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case with Marie. Although she proved that she had a look and the singing ability, the person she was working with mismanaged, lied, and took advantage of her ability by using Marie as a “front” to his own career. Nothing was being done to push her in a positive direction. When she finally learned about all that was going on, she severed ties and started over.

Over the next five years Marie will have graduated with a Masters Degree as a Certified Registered Anesthesiologist. Amazing right? As she also plans to have a successful singing career, traveling internationally, working on movie soundtracks and more!

To take her mind off of school, work, Marie enjoys spending time with her family, writing, or practicing playing the piano or guitar. Some may never heard of a person saying that “rice” was their favorite food, but that’s Marie all day, along with plantains.

Below are two songs from Yvena Marie, listen to them!!
On My Mind
Role Play

So what do you think about Yvena Marie? You think she deserves a chance to be seen and heard? If you do, email for her booking availability. Tell all you know about her!!!

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