Well unless something stupid happens we’ll have a Lakers vs Celtics final again. Kobe gets his 6th ring to tie Mike? The big 3 plus 1 gets their 2nd? Obviously the Vince trade didn’t work out. Lebron, Wade and Joe hooked up to talk about who is going where, maybe all will end up in Atlanta together??? There will be several changes next year between free agency, coaches (Doug Collins already got a job), possibly rules, so it will be an interesting 2011 season. But let’s see how things play out for the rest of 2010. Draft is coming up, Hawks pick 24th, I swear if we don’t somehow pull off something to get a 5 to move Al to 4, Josh to 3 I’m going to go crazy. Need to let Teague start and really, we need to keep Joe. if we can get a big that is some kind of post threat, Joe becomes more dangerous. Hawks had a great season, Woodsen just couldnt get them to freaken rotate!! you see Boston knocked the Magic out! and we destroyed Boston!! stupid.

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