It Does Work, if you do it

So earlier one of the ladies called me to say how after she told a potential client what he had to do to book her (I gave her suggestion), he sent her what she asked for, signed and everything (I saw it). So now she will going to Washington DC and shooting with a great photographer with an additional opportunity of placement in a publication.

I’ve been saying it forever, if they hit you up, they have burden of proof to follow through. They have to decide to they want to settle, or will the follow the procedure you designate. It does work. But you have to believe in yourself that you are worth it and then believe in the process.

If you feel that someone will get scared off because you say that you have someone that is watching for your interests, you’re basically saying that you’ll accept whatever they say on the basis of “doing something” rather than “doing something beneficial”.

If I’m in the loop, stuff can get done. I’ve done it before, I will continue to do it. Of course, that also means having updated photos, video, monologues, etc for me to prove why you are worth booking. Nothing is guaranteed. Circumstances occur. People have lives. But that can’t be an obstacle you never overcome if you say you really want to do something. So if that means traveling to castings/auditions, moving to a new city, not going out for a month to save money for the pictures/resumes/headshots/reels/monologues you need to stay competitive, staying in shape, practicing your craft, you have to do it. Because somebody else will and do it twice as much.

When I don’t know what’s going on, and something negative happens, it’s too late to fix anything at that point. If you accept doing something for free and then let me know know about it, I have no leverage to say “Well, she actually books at a rate of….” It’s too late then.

If I don’t ask the questions (who, what, why, where and how much?), who will? I’m not concerned about hurting somebody’s feelings (reason number 1 that female talent won’t ask questions). I am not going to get nervous (which is the second reason all questions are not asked). If somebody is not willing to give you all the information to make you comfortale about getting dressed, walking out the house and traveling somewhere, why would you do that? Gas isn’t cheap, and once you leave, you can’t get that time back.

Again, I can’t stop every bad thing from happening, but at least I’m going to do everything I can to weed out what is good and what is bad based on what the talent says they want to do and don’t want to do.

It’s a long road to reach goals and it’s not easy. We have so many examples of what happens when you take the easy way out. If you believe that you can live with yourself, that’s a choice. Sometimes it’s not a matter of whether it’ easy or difficult, its a matter of some just wanted to try it, not commit to it. So once an accomplishment was made, that was their plateau. It wasn’t interesting to them any more, so they stopped. Or maybe it actually was a matter of realizing that a lot more time was neccessary to fully commit to a goal, and they weren’t willing to give it.

I just want to have a chance to utilize the resources that I do have. As simplistic as it may seem, if a major television or film says that they want you to mail a headshot and resume and you don’t, your chances are small that you will be considered. So many shows and films that I knew about in June are in theaters or on television now. I know that the chance was there to see somebody I know in those projects. There are projects in production now that will come out in 2011. I know that there are those I know that could be in them. I believe it, maybe I’m the only one. Maybe that’s how it will be. But I know that it can happen, cause a few have gotten what’s needed to be considered. Everything is a numbers game, the more you show who you are, the propensity of someone choosing you is high.

Every accomplishment is a big accomplishment, cause you didn’t do it the day before. Stack them up, and they become huge accomplishments. Someone will pay attention, if you truly have talent, it is inevitable. I believe that, and have proved that time and time again.

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