Inspirational speaker Baje Fletcher accepts invite from Checka Cee to speak to foster kids



When it comes to the process of helping someone, every now and again you need to hear the same thing from a different person for it to “click”. But isn’t it better to hear something from someone you can directly relate to? Someone that has been in your shoes?


So in talking to my friend Checka Cee a few weeks ago and telling herĀ about the upcoming Design Your Life event that Baje Fletcher was holding on October 4th, I’m happy she reached out. You see Checka Cee helps young ones that are in foster care, working with them to not only remain motivated, but actually teaching skills that they need to be independent.

Baje spent a few hours talking to the teens and young adults, asking them questions, talking to them. What she told them were things they needed to hear. She was able to get them to interact, even selecting quotes that she had brought with her and reading them aloud. They showed obvious emotion when she told them that for a time, she was also in the foster care system.


Upon learning that Baje had modeled and acted on tv, written books, traveled the world, they were eager to have something to remember the day. Baje gave everyone an autographed headshot of herself. She also left one for “The Clubhouse” the name of the place where they all gather for activities in the afternoon.

Goals. Anybody can accomplish them if that’s what they want to do. Baje years ago set her mind that she wanted to establish herself as someone that anybody can look at as a role model. She wants to help people learn from her life experiences. That is why her Design Your Life Workshops are so important. Visit to learn about the next one in Atlanta, Ga on October 4th. It’s not too late to purchase tickets! Checka Cee will be interviewing Baje on 9/27 on Star94, another opportunity to learn about this wonderful woman. Don’t miss it!!!



Here is a clip from the interview of Checka Cee did of Baje on 9/27!!!

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