ICONS to be, Flying Without Wingz!!!

From their humble beginnings in Grand Rapids, Michigan to their new home of Los Angeles and all of the countries and people in between, FW2 is leaving a mark that won’t soon be erased. Their energy and passion can be felt in every track they are involved in and their performances are unmatched. Now, others within the industry are starting to take notice. One of the first was the group Slum Village, who they opened for at an event in 2010.

Now, artists such as DJ Superdre, Defunct, and ANTM’s Lisa D’Amato have had Flying Without Wingz join forces. 2011 is a year in which their international reach will continue to grow, sales on iTunes and Beatport will increase, and eventually, they will be included on a tour.

Currently working a new website, and mixtape the group is looking forward to exploring the possibilities in Los Angeles. They are available for performances currently. Feel free to email imtmworldwide@gmail.com to receive their EPK and other information.

It’s a new year, time for new music.

First official music video “CTRL Freak”

Behind the scenes studio session in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Flying Without Wingz being normal

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