Having a backup is important

In the last week I’ve had several examples of why it’s important to have somebody that cares about you and want to back you up. Just today I had a model tell me she was going to interview for a gig. She sent me the posting. To paraphrase, it was “I am looking for Lingerie Models for Internet and Private Client viewing”. Where was the interview? “look for the ” I BUY GOLD” sign above the door”.

Another hit me up from Miami about a movie audition to where the person “doesn’t have a cell phone”. For her it was something to be cautious about, cause in our day, who doesn’t have a cell phone? Well, there are a still a few who are old fashioned, and they did have a land line. But as I always say, take somebody with you, if it seems weird, split. It’s for a movie role, and I’ve read the script so we’ll see what happens.

From Atlanta, I was asked if I knew a particular individual, that they had a meeting with them. I said I did and asked why were they meeting. After they told me, I gave them a background of the person and told them to not waste time, for I had too many of examples of people I worked with and don’t work with that dealt with the person and nothing good ever came of it.

Better safe than sorry. Why go through an ill experience if you don’t have to?????

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